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Brave It For A Cure

With a heart of gratitude for those who supported her with their hearts of kindness, Providence Year 6 Teacher Melissa Martinz has decided to shave her head with the desire to raise awareness, and funds for research and inspire faith for those fighting the battle.

Ms Martinz goal is to fundraise $10,000. Any funds donated, no matter how large or small, will go a long way to reaching the target.


Year 6 student Tristan Williams who has been growing his hair since he was in Year 3 has decided to join Ms Martinz in raising funds. As a teacher and student team they will try their best to reach the target, and will be grateful for any support received.

Ms Martinz and Tristan will sit down to shave their hair in the first week of December, with the purpose of paying it forward and having gratitude for kindness.