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Primary School

Building strong foundations of faith and knowledge for lifelong success in a Christ-centered primary education.

Christian Education

Providence Christian College offers a comprehensive Primary School education programme for children in Pre-Primary to Year Six.

The Primary School Staff are dedicated Christian teachers who work to build a solid academic basis for their students while recognising and encouraging the development of spiritual foundations in their lives. Daily devotions encourage students to develop concern for one another and emphasise the importance of acknowledging and making time for God in their lives.

Opportunities also exist for younger students to interact positively through mentoring and Buddy Programmes with more senior students. This interaction aims to encourage a College-wide sense of community and cooperation.


Learning at Providence Christian College follows the WA Curriculum from Pre-Primary to Year 6. The Primary School curriculum places an emphasis on acquiring sound literacy and numeracy knowledge, along with digital literacy skills, in an integrated approach across all learning areas:

  • English
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Technologies: Digital & Design
  • The Arts

In addition to this, Primary School students from Year One to Year Six enjoy the benefits of access to specialist subject teachers in many areas, including:

  • Physical Education
  • Digital Technologies
  • Languages (Indonesian)
  • The Arts: Music

Our Primary School curriculum provides students with a balanced academic, social and spiritual development in preparation for entry to the Middle School.

Student Development Programme

At Providence Christian College, our CARE, ESTEEM and EPIC Student Development Programmes address the following goals in a number of different ways:

  • Personal and social capability assists students to become successful learners, helping to improve their academic learning and enhancing their motivation to reach their full potential.
  • Ethical understanding assists students to become confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.
  • Critical and creative thinking are fundamental to students becoming successful learners. Thinking that is productive, purposeful and intentional is at the centre of effective learning.
Years 1 & 2
Years 3 & 4
Years 5 & 6

Camping Programme

Primary School students in Year Three to Year Six participate in our Camping Programme. This programme provides opportunities for learning beyond what can be offered in a classroom situation and is a key component of the proactive approach to Student Development at Providence. Activities and camps enable students to develop character skills, including independence, resilience, teamwork, a sense of adventure, and confidence.

Year 3
Day camp at the College
Year 4
One-night sleepover at the College
Year 5
Two-night off-site camp 
Year 6
Six-day interstate Canberra and Sydney trip