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Music Programme

Unlock Your Musical Potential

At Providence Christian College, we believe in the importance of music education and offer a range of instrumental lessons to our students.

Our contracted teachers provide onsite tuition in a variety of instruments, including piano, guitar, violin, vocals, and more! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, we have a program tailored to your needs.

To learn more about our instrumental lessons and to express your interest, please fill out the form below. We look forward to helping you develop your musical talents!

Contract of Agreement

Contract of Agreement

  1. All fees are payable to the music tutor. The College will not be responsible for any financial transaction between the tutor and the student. Fees are payable per term in advance. An invoice will be issued by the tutor for each school term. Fees must be paid by the 2nd week of lessons.
  2. Notice must be given by 8 PM the previous evening should you require the lesson to be rescheduled for any reason. If notice is not received by this time, the lesson is chargeable.
  3. Notice of withdrawal from lessons must be given in writing to the tutor by Week 8 of the final term of lessons.
  4. Where possible, students will be requested to participate in the College’s ensembles, music, camps, and perform at concerts and related school events.
  5. All students are advised to have their own instrument for lessons. Some beginner violins are available for hire.
  6. Lessons are scheduled as follows, and any alternative arrangements must be agreed upon by the tutor and parent (and primary teacher if applicable).
    • Primary School
      One 30 min lesson per week at a fixed time, which will change each term.
    • Secondary School
      One 30 min lesson per week on a rotating timetable or fixed lesson outside of class time.