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Providence Athlete Dominates WA Athletics Championships

We are excited to celebrate the incredible achievements of Michael Passeretto, one of our outstanding athletes at the 2024 WA State Athletics Championships.

Competing in 6 challenging events, Michael showcased exceptional talent and dedication, earning awards that truly demonstrate his skills on the track.

Below are some of Michael's achievements:

Award Event Time
U14 200m hurdles
26.29s (3 second PB)
U15 100m hurdles
15.41s (same as previous PB)
U15 400m
55.61s (1 second PB)
U15 200m hurdles
29.00s (1 second PB)
4th Place
U15 200m
5th Place
U15 100m

We commend Michael for his outstanding accomplishments, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing his continued success on his athletic journey.

Congratulations, Michael!