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Specialist Basketball Programme

Open to students in Years 7 to 12, the Specialist Basketball Programme provides high-quality coaching and training to assist students in pursuing excellence within the sport of Basketball.

The delivery of the Programme is made possible through an effective partnership between the College and Lakeside Lightning. As an affiliated association with Basketball WA, Lakeside is able to provide incredible learning experiences and pathways for our students. Lakeside has teams in both the WA Basketball League (WABL) and the Basketball League NBL1 West, providing opportunities and also expertise from the highest levels of Basketball in WA.

Application & Trial Process
Selection Process


At Providence Christian College, training sessions provide students with opportunities to develop their skills at both formative and, on selection, advanced level training. Students train for one hour twice a week before school or as part of their College timetable. Although not a requirement for selection, it is expected that programme participants will be engaged in club basketball outside of College commitments.

Students will be encouraged to trial for the WABL (WA Basketball League) Programme at Lakeside, and will have the opportunity to represent Providence in Inter-School Basketball competitions.

Year 9
The Year 9 Programme includes Leadership, Personal Development, Strength and Conditioning training, and the opportunity to gain qualifications in refereeing and coaching. Year 9 students have the opportunity to select Specialist Basketball as an Elective within their timetable.

Year 10
The Year 10 Programme includes Advanced Level Coaching, Strength and Conditioning training, and being equipped for and serving in basketball and the community. Year 10 students have the opportunity to select Specialist Basketball as an Elective within their timetable.

Year 11 & 12
The Year 11 & 12 Programme is part of the Physical Education Studies Course and forms part of the student's WACE subject selections. Year 11 & 12 students can select Physical Education Studies with a focus on basketball.


The Specialist Basketball Programme at Providence Christian College costs $460 for the full year*. Students will also be required to purchase team training uniforms.

*Please note that this fee is additional to the standard College fees. Charges will be billed separately. If your child withdraws for reasons other than medical, no refund will be issued.

Application & Trial Process

Expressions of Interest will be received at any time and can be completed using the form below. On receipt of an expression of interest, an Application Form will be provided.

All applicants will be invited to attend a Practical Trial in September. Students will be advised of the outcome of their application within two weeks of participating in the practical trial.

Applicants who are unable to attend the practical trial or who apply after the trial may have the opportunity to join the programme. However, this will be at the discretion of the Specialist Basketball Programme Coordinator.

Selection Process

The Specialist Basketball Programme is aimed at students who have existing skills, interest and potential in the sport of Basketball. Only a limited number of students are selected to join the Programme in Years 7 to 12.

Part of the selection process includes a practical trial that assesses physical attributes, basketball skills and knowledge. In addition, the application process includes the review of recent school reports and feedback from appropriate referees. Beyond basketball ability, it is expected that the students selected for the Programme will have an outstanding attitude to all aspects of College life.

Expression of Interest Form

Expressions of interest will be received from students who currently attend the College and students from outside who are looking to enrol at Providence Christian College.