In 2018, after much consideration, the College Board and Executive team made a decision to take a step of faith and prioritise the Primary School Build.

There are two main reasons for prioritising this project:

    • Twenty-First-Century Teaching and Learning: The current demountables housing our Primary School have served us well over the decades but are now limiting our capacity to cater to the requirements of effective twenty-first-century teaching and learning. 

Our planned new buildings will combine space, flexibility, storage and light in a design that reflects our Core Value of Living in Relationship as a foundation for effective teaching and learning. 

It is our prayer that these new facilities will better equip us to better equip our students as they journey through their Primary Years in preparation for their Secondary Years.

    • Increased flow-through to Secondary School: We have recognised the need to increase the flow-through of student numbers into our Secondary School.

For these reasons, we have decided to triple-stream our Primary School.

Once again, our commitment to Living in Relationship is foundational to the outworking of this decision.

I have always maintained that the bigger the school, the more difficult it becomes to manage and maintain relationships. So, with this very much at the forefront of our thinking and, in order to find a happy medium between increasing our size and maintaining our commitment to Living in Relationship, we have decided on the following:

Currently, our Primary School is at capacity with two classes of thirty students in each Year group – a total of sixty students.

Our new Primary School will accommodate three classes of twenty-five students – a total of seventy-five students per Year group and a net increase of just fifteen students per year group.

Smaller classes sizes accommodated in larger purpose-built classrooms translate to better teaching, and learning opportunities for our Staff and Students and this is so exciting!

This model also facilitates an increased flow-through of students to our Secondary School, with all the benefits for the Secondary School that that entails.

We do not plan to – in fact, do not wish to – become a ‘big’ school. We are committed to maintaining the wonderful, relational culture that is a trademark of a Providence Christian College education.

Above all, and in all things, we seek to build His Kingdom in this place. To do this, we continually seek His will in all that we do. In Matthews Gospel, chapter 6, verse 30, Jesus clearly tells us that this should be our priority and then He promises that “all these things will be provided for you.”

We don’t want this project to be our plan that we have taken to God for His ‘rubber- stamp’ of approval. So, as we have progressed through the stages of envisioning, investigating and planning the Primary School rebuild, we have continually sought to remain in God’s will at all times.

And so, it was with a sense of God’s hand on this project that we heard last week, that our plans had passed all City of Gosnells Council and Joint Development and Planning (JDAP) hurdles in record time!

We can now proceed to the next stage of finalising funding arrangements and, God-willing, construction on Phase One will begin early in 2021 with Phase Two commencing in 2022 with a target occupancy date in early 2023!

Hi Providence,

I am so excited to share my vision with you. As you know we are planning to replace the existing Primary School and build a triple-stream state-of-the-art facility. Why, you may ask? That is a great question.

Providence Christian College is bursting at the seams, and to do relationship and education with excellence, we need to expand our tent pegs. Isaiah 54:2 says, “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.”

And so with this in mind, and after many years of planning and consideration it is time to expand and allow our students to develop and grow in comfort. We want to equip our students with the best facilities and resources we can to give them the best possible learning experience.

So what can we expect?

    • All our classes are all in a single building, sharing the same roof. This is to signify our community across the Primary School, no matter the year level;
    • Our classrooms have been designed to promote 21st Century learning to equip our students to be ready for an uncertain future;
    • We have designed our learning and play areas to inspire students as they enter into the College;
    • We have allowed for sustainability to become a feature of the new build, so that we may be good stewards of what God has given us;
    • We will be creating flexible workspaces to allow teachers to meet students at their point of need;
    • Our Creative arts subjects can continue to be developed and expanded;
    • Our three streams, with smaller class sizes allow for teachers and students to develop deeper relationships and allow for more time for each student to be guided along the journey;
    • Allow for greater numbers to move into the Middle School.

What an amazing time to be part of this process as we move into a new era at Providence Christian College. God truly has provided for us, and we ask that you pray for us as we continue on this new journey.