Learning For Life

We believe that learning in the context of an authentic Christian worldview brings a sense of wonder, engagement and purpose to the learning experience. It is the function of Christian education to encourage the search for truth in the context of God’s sovereignty and His created universe.
We believe that educational goals are best achieved by providing continuity from Kindergarten to Year 12, for students and their families, in an atmosphere where relationship and community are fostered and encouraged. This provides students with a positive environment, allowing them to have the security of being known and belonging, and having the opportunity to excel.
The example set by our teaching staff is fundamental to establishing and maintaining a caring environment. We take great care in the selection of our staff. Therefore, we employ Christian teachers whose lives reflect the Godly characteristics we seek to encourage and develop in our students.
We recognise the unique, individual nature of each child as a special creation of God and provide a range of educational experiences and training that allows them to discover their personal gifting. Our teachers assist in the development of these gifts, guiding students in their choice of subjects and preparing them to succeed in their life and calling.
Our education encourages our students to learn for life within the context of Godly values. These values form the foundation for life and are vitally important to the spiritual, emotional, social and academic development of young people. They are incorporated into our curriculum and reinforce what is taught at home and in the family church.
Our hope and prayer for every student is that they will make a commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and learn to walk in His ways. It is through a relationship with God that our students can find real meaning and a genuine sense of purpose in life.