What to expect

As you tour the Primary School you will be able to view every classroom and see what the students have been learning. Discover learning the Providence way while enjoying Class-Specific activities and meeting our teachers.


Put on your chef’s hat and come on over to Kindy where you can decorate (and eat!) your own Cookie Creation.

Pre Primary

Outdoor Learning games. Come up to Pre-Primary and discover how you can learn through playing fun outdoor games!

There will also be a petting zoo, so make sure you come on over and say hi to our friendly farm animals 

Year 1

Balloon stress balls. Make your own stress balls out of balloons and flour, and decorate it into your favourite character or animal!

Year 2

Rubik’s Cube Challenge- Can you beat the time?

Year 3

Aboriginal Dot Painting – Create your own dot painting of an Australian Animal on a keepsake that you can take home with you.

Year 4

Year 4 students have been exploring the First Fleet and convicts. Your eyes will be opened when you hear of their (the convicts) experiences and read of their tales through their Historical Narrative book. But, if you aren’t much of a reader, come build and decorate your own ship and test how much marbles you can transport to the other side; before your ships calls it quits!

Year 5

Making Crystals with Mrs. Hesselman and Mrs. Harrex in Year Five…

Come over to the Year Five classrooms and learn about how crystals are formed and how to make your very own crystals, by only mixing three ingredients together! You get to take your crystals home afterwards. We are looking forward to seeing you! 

Year 6

Your Migration Story. The Year 6s have learned about migration this term. They have each made a suitcase telling their personal story. Many people in our school community have migrated or their family members have migrated to Australia in the past. Visitors to our classroom will find their (families) country of origin on a worldmap and find the name and flag of the country. This gives everyone and idea where people in our school community come from.

Primary Digital Technology

Within the Digital Technology classroom there are a variety fo games that students have created using Scratch. These games have been the work of students in year 3 to year 6 over the term. You are able to explore each of these games and even create your own controllers for the games. Not only do we have the fantastic games but there is also the first edition of the fantastic Providence Gazette which is the work of our year 5/6 XL program.


11:00 – Instrumental Program Strings
12:30 – Ukulele Pop Up Performance
14:00 – Primary Vocal Students

Ed Development

‘Come to the T1 area and visit the Educational Development Centre. Outside our room, we will be playing Scrabble and a Maths game. Children who take part will go into the draw to win a rubiks cube and/or a book. You are welcome to come inside to have a look around and a chat if you have any questions.’