Our Christian faith drives the learning journey at Providence Christian College so that students can grow in wisdom and stature to help them to live a life of purpose and influence.

Providence Christian College stands for care and generosity of spirit, where warmth and compassion live at the very heart of our community.

Our dedicated teachers take pride in delivering a tailored education, ensuring that every student can strive for personal excellence – a choice of academic and vocational pathways enable students to pursue their calling and achieve their goals.

Pastoral Care

Relationships are central to our education philosophy at Providence Christian College, guiding every interaction to create a safe and happy environment.

We partner with families to uphold expectations of respect and belonging to nurture children into adulthood with strong values and beliefs that will help them to make a meaningful impact on the world.

Our Pastoral Care Team includes a College Chaplain, College Counsellor, Student Development Coordinators, Year Coordinators and caring teachers who provide development and support for all students.


Every student at Providence Christian College has access to appropriate technology for learning in the 21st century. This includes Digital Technologies and Media labs, and technology particular to various learning disciplines such as Science, Technologies, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

Students from Year 3 onwards use Chromebooks to assist them with their learning and to bring about new opportunities for teachers to help them engage in the learning process.

Our College uses Google Apps for Education, such as Google Classroom, and is recognised nationally as a Google Reference School.


The College provides parents with communication that is timely, informative and accurate through various means such as the College Newsletter and SEQTA Engage.

We use SEQTA Engage to keep parents involved in all aspects of their child’s education. Parents can access their child’s student information – including class timetables, attendance records, school notices, pastoral care, homework and assessments – from any device, anytime, anywhere. SEQTA’s powerful continuous reporting functionality, brings parents into the learning journey, enabling them to view their child’s results immediately and respond to their progress sooner.

Extension & Support

Students at Providence Christian College are supported by our team of professional staff. Whether their needs are remedial or requiring extension, we provide a range of programmes that are tailored to meet their individual learning requirements as they progress from Early Childhood to Senior School.