At Providence Christian College we:

Recognise the individual nature of each student as a unique creation of God and provide a range of educational experiences and training that allows each student to discover their personal gifting.

Seek to develop people of influence who engage life from a Christian worldview, providing them with the skills to succeed in their life and calling.

Offer a quality education that encourages both academic learning and the development of Godly values where students learn the importance of academics, a balanced spiritual life, and self-discipline.

Our Code of Conduct is based on the Providence Christian College Core Values:

Learn for Eternity
Grow in Christ
Love Unconditionally
Live in Relationship
Strive for Excellence
Equip for Service

So that we can –

Ensure a foundation for professional service delivery.

Promote our commitment to a safe learning environment for both students and staff.

Guide the actions of our staff (including peripatetic), volunteers, practicum students, governing body members, third party consultants and contractors, as well as families and guardians engaging with the College in everyday situations, to make informed decisions and act in a safe and professional manner.

The presentation of these values in the curriculum, and their demonstration in the lives of our staff and stakeholders, serve to reinforce what is taught at home and in the family church.

As a partner of Providence Christian College, you are bound to our Code of Conduct and agree to:

Create a welcoming and safe environment that promotes students’ participation and is inclusive to all students and families – both physically and culturally.

Be approachable and kind in your relationships in accordance with the College Core Values.

Respect the diverse backgrounds and needs of our students by involving their input and feedback in decision making about activities, policies and processes that concern them, where appropriate.

Carry out your duties in a professional, competent and conscientious manner while seeking suitable opportunities to improve your knowledge and skills, and being accountable for your performance.

Refrain from any behaviour that may be regarded as unprofessional, discriminating, harassing, or bullying. You are responsible for ensuring unimpaired capacity to perform your duties without risk to anyone’s health and safety.

Declare any potential conflicts of interest to the Principal, including but not limited to, gifts and benefits.

Behave in a courteous, respectful and ethical manner while promoting the safety and wellbeing of students and staff in particular, but also families and extended members of the community, in accordance with College policies.

Respond promptly to concerns or complaints (of harm or abuse) in line with the College Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy, Duty of Care Policy, Bullying Policy, and Mandatory Reporting Policy, especially when a student communicates in any way that they feel unsafe or unwell.

Comply with relevant legislation and applicable College procedures for record keeping and information sharing in line with the Australian Privacy Principles and the College Privacy Policy.

Follow reasonable instructions from your supervisor and comply with lawful directions.

Identify and mitigate risks to students’ safety and wellbeing, in both the physical and online environments, including the provision of adequate supervision on safe premises and equipment, and medical assistance if required.

Act honestly, appropriately and in good faith, both during and outside working hours, in both the physical and online environments, in a manner that upholds the Providence ethos and reputation.

Comply with all College protocols on communicating with students, and contribute, where appropriate, to College policies, discussions, learning and reviews about student safety and wellbeing.

Keep confidential and not disclose to any other person any information which comes to your knowledge concerning the affairs of the College, or families and students affiliated to the College. Confidential information may be disclosed to you to enable you to discharge your duties and responsibilities at the College. All confidential information and knowledge gained by you in the course of your employment or service remains the property of the College and is under no circumstances to be disclosed to third parties.

Abide by the College IT Systems and Device Usage Policy (Staff), Parents Social Media Policy, Electronic Devices Policy, and Information Technology Acceptable Use Policies (Students) when using the College electronic communication facilities and maintain the confidentiality of College information at all times.

Take care of your own health and safety at work, as well as that of your co-workers.

Dress in a professional manner consistent with the Staff Uniform Policy and appropriate to your role.

Inform the Principal if you are charged with or convicted of a serious offence, become the subject of a Violence Restraining Order, or become aware of a serious crime committed by another person bound by this Code of Conduct.

I will not:

Improperly use classified or sensitive information, or any status, power or advantage, to gain a benefit or an advantage, or cause detriment or harm to the College, a student, member of staff, volunteer, or any other person.

Engage in any unlawful activity with, or in relation to, a student.

Engage in any activity that is likely to physically, sexually or emotionally harm a student.

Engage in any relationship that can be interpreted as personal rather than professional with a student.

Unlawfully discriminate against any student or their family members.

I will not be alone with a student

Have personal contact, including online contact, with a student for any purpose unrelated to College activities.

Disclose personal or sensitive information about a student, including images, unless the student and/or their parent or legal guardian consent, or unless required to do so by the College reporting procedures.

Use inappropriate language in the presence of students, or show or provide students with access to inappropriate images or material.

I will not impose any form of corporal or degrading punishment on a student as per the College Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Work with students while under the influence of alcohol or any restricted and/or prohibited drug.

Ignore or disregard any suspected or disclosed harm or abuse.

Reporting of a breach of the Code of Conduct

In case of a breach of this Code of Conduct:

  1. Act to prioritise the best interests of students
  2. Take actions promptly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all involved
  3. Comply with any legislative reporting requirements if relevant, as per the College Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy, Mandatory Reporting Policy, or any other policy with legislative requirements
  4. Promptly report any concerns of potential breaches of the Code of Conduct to the Principal
  5. Follow College policies and procedures for receiving and responding to complaints and concerns, reports and/or allegations

Any behaviour which breaches, or could objectively be perceived as breaching this Code, other than behaviour subject to the College Mandatory Reporting Policy, must be reported directly to the Principal. Prohibited behaviour by the Principal should be reported to the Chair of the Board.

Instances resulting in a formal warning to, or termination of employment of, a staff member following suspected grooming behaviour, will be reported to the Director General of the Department of Education as a critical incident.

All reports made in good faith will be held in confidence and the reportee can be assured of protection against victimisation of any kind or other adverse consequence/s.

All employees have a responsibility to:-

  1. Create and securely maintain full, accurate and honest records, of their activities, decisions, appropriate school-based interactions and other relevant transactions;
  2. Upload or store records in the College record systems, as required; and
  3. Not deliberately access information to which they are not authorised.

Consequences of a breach

Conduct that is not consistent with the expectations and requirements as set out in this Code will be subject to scrutiny and, depending on the nature of the breach, may result in a warning, suspension, or termination of engagement and/or employment according to the procedure set out in the College Grievance Policy. Reportable incidents as per the College Critical Incident Policy will be reported to the Director General of the Department of Education and illegal activity will be reported to the Police.

Nothing in this Code should be taken to limit the circumstances in respect of which the College may take disciplinary action in respect of an employee.