Our Primary School Rebuild: Our current project sees us replacing our aging, demountable-based, double streamed Primary School with a new, purpose-built triple- streamed campus. This enables us to increase flow-through to the Secondary School while reducing class sizes in the Primary School.

This project comprises two stages with Phase One currently under construction and due for completion by mid-2022 and Phase Two scheduled to begin immediately thereafter, with a completion date in mid-2023.

What of the future? We are also looking to the future as we review our Building Master Plan. Our intention, (God-willing) is to embark on a new project in the Secondary School in 2025. Options currently under consideration include:

a facelift of B and C Blocks incorporating the current quadrangles under one roof to provide technology-rich, 21st Century learning spaces to enhance our current classrooms.
a Performing Arts Centre incorporating Music, Drama and Dance with a dedicated Auditorium, Cafeteria and Changing Rooms.
a Visual Arts and Technologies Centre incorporating Art, Design and Technology, Textiles and Hospitality.
Each of these projects is worthy of priority and a significant challenge in its own right.

As with the Primary School rebuild, we will continue to seek to ensure that we are doing God’s will at every step of our development. His will be done in this place! We do not simply lay our human plans before Him, awaiting His divine stamp-of-approval. Instead, we pray that He will open or close the doors on our projects as He sees fit. By God’s Grace all of the doors have opened to date, often miraculously, and we give thanks for this!

The Providence Christian College Building Development Fund: We, therefore, invite you to prayerfully consider joining us in our Kingdom-building ventures at this exciting time.

The College has, for many years now, had a Building Fund. As an Association registered under the Charities Act, donations to our Building Fund are fully tax-deductible.

Our Building Fund has largely lain dormant since its inception, with a few loyal donors supporting us on an annual basis over the years.

We believe that, concurrent with our Building Master Plan review, this may be an appropriate time to resurrect our Building Fund by engaging with our community to prayerfully reflect on whether you feel called to support Providence Christian College in its journey.

Our parent support group, Parents of Providence (PoP) has committed to joining us on this journey and will be contacting you soon to introduce to you an exciting and novel way in which you can support the College as we build for the future.

We are committed to creating a significant piece of God’s Kingdom right here at Providence, where current and future generations of young Australians can grow and learn in our deeply relational, faith-filled, Christian environment.

Providence Christian College – Learning for Life!