Newsletter 21 March 2022

Principal’s Address

Dear Parents and Friends of Providence

This past week has been challenging – challenging for your children, challenging for our staff and challenging for you as parents as you have had to navigate the nuances of the grieving process with your children in unexpectedly sudden circumstances.  

Earlier this week, I encouraged you to initiate conversations in the quietness of your homes around loss and grieving with your children as a prelude to our teachers taking up the conversation in the larger context of the classroom.  I believe that this process has been worthwhile.

Last Friday, as a student community and as part of the healing process, we farewelled Abiyah and Aiden in a remembrance service at our memorial wall. Matt Splatt and I placed the focus broadly on Solomon’s wisdom in Ecclesiastes 3, where he tells us that “there is a season for all things.” A season of grief and sorrow is followed by a season of healing, and a season of healing heralds a return to life underpinned by a gentle acceptance of our loss.

The specific timing of these seasons will differ for each of our students – and ourselves.  

Know that we have in place, the resources to assist your children – and yourselves if needs be, on this journey.  All you need to do is make the call.  We, in turn, will be vigilant in observing our students over the next weeks and providing support as necessary.

I thank God that, at Providence Christian College and within our broader community, we can turn to Him in our time of need and I know that you will join me in keeping Abiyah and Aiden’s dad, Selvan, in your prayers as he navigates this unimaginably difficult time.

God bless you



General News


If you have a child due to commence Kindergarten in 2023 our College Registrars require your enrolment form as a matter of urgency so you don’t miss out on a position.

Warm regards

Pam Stringer / Charlene Moss

WACKY WEAR Sausage Sizzle

The first Sausage Sizzle and Free Dress Day for 2022 will be held on MARCH 31.

‘WACKY WEAR’ is the theme for the free dress.

Please place your Sausage Sizzle orders on or before March 27. Here is a link to place your order:

Free Dress Day donations can also be paid online. In case you have forgotten to pay your donation online, you could bring a gold coin and hand it to your Class/Form Teacher on March 31. Here is a link to place your sausage sizzle order:

The money raised for the Sausage Sizzle will be going towards the charity: Act, Belong, Commit (WA’s longest-running mental health promotion campaign) and The Providence Christian College Chaplaincy Fund will benefit from the Free Dress donations.

We hope to receive all your support in this event, especially in times like these with Covid.

Fundraising Committee

Samantha and Kezia 😋

Primary School

Hi All,

This last week has been tough as tragedy struck our Providence Community. Abiyah and Aiden Selvan, two of our beautiful Primary School students, and their mother passed away. Their names will be forever imprinted on our hearts. During the week we were able to have some moments of remembrance and reflection as the whole College came together. We have received encouraging words from other Cristian schools across the state. It is a stark reminder that we are one family under God. Please continue to pray for not only our Providence community but the greater community across the state.

Secondary School

Life at the College can be characterised as a journey, full of twists and turns, happiness and sadness and never so evident as in the past two weeks as we have dealt with the challenges of COVID in every year group and amongst staff and last week with the tragic loss of two of our Primary students,  Abiyah and Aiden Selvan and their mother. Fortunately, we were able to continue with the majority of our planned events, so I invite you to enjoy our Week Eight edition of the College newsletter.