Newsletter 8 March 2022

Principal’s Address

Dear Parents and Friends of Providence

I finished off my last newsletter with a brief comment about our theme for this year, “Abide.”

Since then, I have realised that the more I lean into this theme, the more I am coming to realise that it is absolutely core to our capacity to grow in Christ and to build our faith.

Since my last newsletter, three significant life-shaking events have occurred in our world – the rise of Omicron in the West, the devastating floods over East and the invasion of Ukraine.

One is closer to home, but all three are dominating the media and, therefore, our lives. 

I feel for our students – your children! The threat of global war, or at least a new cold war, pandemics, floods and natural disasters … and while they see these situations are reported to saturation point in the media, they are powerless to respond.

We, as adults, have learned, and are continually learning, to find our hope in Christ. It is so important that we help our children to do the same – to find “His peace that surpasses all understanding” so that they can stand strong and grow up to be the changemakers of the future in all circumstances.

Let us all stand together, all practise the life-changing habit of Abiding – of remaining in Christ. Let us be living examples to our children of what a victorious life in Christ can look like.


Bill Innes

Primary School

Hi All,

Since our last newsletter, it would seem the impact of COVID has increased. I have been encouraged by the way our community has responded with care, love and prayers. Please continue to lift up the College community in prayer as we navigate this difficult time. As we move into Level 2, we will see fewer whole class isolations. As the students are wearing masks, a positive result in the classroom will result in an observe, watch and act letter being sent home instead. As always can I ask that if your child is showing any symptoms, please keep them at home and have them tested.

Secondary School

Who could believe that we are halfway through the first term for 2022?   I believe all have got into the rhythm of all of the happenings in the past fortnight, and I am sure you will concur that life here at the College is a very busy one despite the many day-to-day challenges that we are being presented with.

Let me share some of the things that have been happening over the past two weeks or are on the calendar to happen shortly.