Newsletter 21 February 2022

Principal’s Address

Dear Parents and Friends of Providence

The past week has flown by in a flurry of COVID-related activity.  Since the appearance of our first COVID-positive case – a much-loved child and family within our Year 1 community – the College has been in a frenzy of activity focused on identifying possible contacts, communicating with authorities, informing our community, enacting Response Plans, preparing for remote learning, reviewing decisions and then repeating the process as each new case has manifested to ensure that we are doing our best to mitigate risks and ensure a safe environment for our community.

I am so proud and appreciative of the staff members who have given so freely of their personal time to assist in this process last week and throughout the weekend!

However, equally commendable are all those staff who, despite the disruptions and inconveniences of COVID restrictions and limitations, continue to provide quality teaching and learning opportunities for your children throughout the College while preparing for the, now very real possibility of remote learning and the added load that this entails.

We are blessed to have staff of this calibre in the ministry that is Providence Christian College and I commend them to you.

On another note, I want to acknowledge you, the parents and friends of the College, for your unwavering support as evidenced in the many emails of encouragement received during this time.

We thank God for His provision in all circumstances and the wonderful privilege that He so freely offers to each of us to Abide in Him and thereby find the peace and reassurance that only He can provide in these interesting times in which we find ourselves.

Bill Innes

General News

Canteen Menu Update Term 1 2022

Canteen Menu Update

Primary School

Hi All,

This week has been an interesting week as Providence has had its first experience with COVID. Our Year 1VN class is currently in isolation, and we have recorded 5 cases. Please pray for the families of those affected.  At this stage, all the cases we have had are isolated to that specific class. As always, if your child is unwell, please keep them home, and if you have concerns, please seek medical advice. At this time, we really need to be a praying community.

Secondary School

It is wonderful to report that all is running smoothly in the Secondary School. I hope that from your perspective, you feel the same way.  Life has been extremely busy, despite having to cancel some of our activities.  I encourage you to read on about some exciting things that have been happening.


Boys & Girls Brigade

Volleyball Trials

Southern Cross Volleyball Club have set junior trial dates for the 2022 WA Volleyball Junior League (WAVJL) season.  All the details can be found here