We are pleased to report the results achieved by the Providence Christian College ATAR students of 2021. We congratulate them on the fine academic achievements reflected in these results. We acknowledge the hard work invested by these students and their teachers, supported by their families and friends.
Our School Median determined on our students ATAR was 85.70. The State Median is 81.75.
High academic achievement is a feature of our results, with nine students (those sitting four or more ATAR examinations) achieving an ATAR above 90, eleven achieving an ATAR between 80 and 89.95 and six with an ATAR above 70.
Special congratulations go to the following with 90+
Evangeline Agung Catherine Hartono Nicole Kwidsai Phoebe Lim Josh Meyer Maddison NichollsRoshit Sharma Celin Vattoly Bevin Victor While we celebrate these successful results there are so many elements that contribute to these results and to the results of all other students in Year 12. Success is not only measured in terms of course grades, rankings and subsequent offers for students to pursue further study or begin a career, it is the students’ success in broader terms as well, in their development as a responsible individual with an intellect and a moral sense which will engage with our complicated world and seek to contribute to its improvement. It is also important that they reflect what our College stands for, for Godly character and principles, values of compassion, respect, quality, courtesy honesty, courage, unity, wisdom and are resilient and know what their purpose in life might be. Students are also involved in Service and Leadership programmes both within the College and in the community, establishing the development of skills in leadership and the satisfaction of being of service within and outside the College.
We congratulate the students for their commitment, having to focus on their studies as well as worrying about possible College closures, remote learning and other significant interruptions and concerns.
We congratulate our 2021 cohort on their continued effort to achieve at a high standard, achieve a WACE and for those studying the ATAR pathway a good result.
We wish to acknowledge our incredible staff for the journey they have travelled with them aiding and encouraging our remarkable young people right from Kindergarten through to Year 12 and to all of our families for their support as they too have travelled the journey of their child for fourteen years of formal schooling.
We congratulate and thank every one of our Year 12 cohort for their dedication to their studies and we wish them God’s blessings for the future.
Mrs Helen BaldingHead of Secondary School