We are very excited to share that Lauryn Heath has been selected for the 2022 National Summer Art Scholarship at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. Lauryn has been invited to fly to Canberra in January to participate in an immersive visual arts program designed to introduce students to the range of career paths in the arts, have access to the behind-the-scenes working of a major cultural institution (NGA), and participate in workshops to build new skills. The selection process for the scholarship is very competitive with only 2 students from each state and territory selected each year. NGA invited students to respond creatively in written and visual form to a sculptural installation, entitled “Warriors”, and Lauryn decided to approach her response from a personal viewpoint. Her self-portrait depicts her smiling with her teeth (something that she finds confronting); defying popular beauty standards of gap-less, perfect smiles. She is a warrior of her own kind, standing brave. We are so proud of Lauryn’s achievement and can’t wait to hear about her adventures next year.