Newsletter 9 August 2021

Principal’s Address

Dear Parents and Friends of Providence

I think that it is important that I inform you that, in recent weeks, the College has had to investigate two reported incidents of ‘Vaping’ on-campus – one involving a Senior School student; the other involving a group of Middle School students.

I am sure that this will be as much a cause for concern for you as parents, as it is for us as staff.

E-cigarettes have been described as, “an epidemic among youth.”  (The Conversation) and I’m sure that you will have heard about some of the serious medical outcomes caused by vaping.  

It is common knowledge that E-cigarettes contain doses of nicotine that can harm adolescent brain development but, of equal concern, is the reported inclusion of other chemicals such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acrolein, all of which which are known carcinogens and harmful to both the user and bystanders.  Research also shows a strong link between vaping and future smoking. It is worth noting that cigarettes and e-cigarettes cannot be sold to people under 18 years of age.

The College Policy and Procedure regarding Drugs and Alcohol are explicit in explaining the College’s stance on the misuse of all drugs, both legal and illegal, (and includes the use of e-cigarettes) by students, staff and visitors to the College. 

If your child/ren are at an age where a conversation/family discussion/clarification of expectations is necessary, may I encourage you to initiate such a conversation as a matter of priority? 

At Providence, our Vision Statement directs us to develop, “…people of influence…” We want our students to be influencing those around them for good  – and I know that this is your desire for your children too.

Our bodies are temples – let us together help our children to learn how to maintain their bodies in optimum condition for a life of love and service. 

Bill Innes

General News

A message from the Chaplain.

Hello Again Everyone.

I just thought it would be good to remind you that this Wednesday evening the 11th of August at 7 pm you are invited to come and share informally in prayer for our college community and the future ministry of Providence Christian College.

Please feel no embarrassment or any expectation to pray out loud, a couple of people expressed their concern about not speaking English so well. God speaks all languages and it is the murmurings of hearts he hears.

We will commence at 7 pm sharp in the Library which is in the Learning Hubb at the college.

The worship and prayer time will include opportunities for many to lead us and for us to break into smaller clusters to pray for one another. It would be wonderful to hear you pray in your language as we are a very multicultural community.

At 8 pm we have the opportunity to fellowship over coffee and tea.

May I remind you that I am available any time to talk through any concerns you may have with your children and if you have any challenges in any area? I have plenty of food supplies currently and if you know of anyone in need or you yourself have a need, please let me know.

God bless you and your family.


Dave Yardley

College Chaplain.

Basketball – 4th Annual Alumni Game

College Conquerors v Alumni All Stars

Over the last 4 years, Providence (TCC) have held a Basketball Game involving current staff and students playing against former students. This year was bigger and better than ever, being played once again at Lakeside. All the players gave their best, but once again, the College Conquerors won 81 – 41. This means that the College remains undefeated. The MVP, as judged by NBL1 Coach Dave Daniels was Jericho Lucio. Thanks to all those that came along to support the event. Special thanks to the Drummers, Dancers and Singer, Skye Meiselbach.

Primary School

Hi All,

What an amazing start to the term we have had. It was awesome to have Mr Rivers, his grandfather, and his son speak at our Chapel service. There is more about the morning and photos below.  We had our Cross Country this week also, and the atmosphere around the carnival was electric.

Over the next few weeks, we have many parent nights, including information about camps for 2021 (Year six parents) and 2022 (Year five parents), those new to Chromebooks (Year 2 parents), Parents of Providence (for all parents) and many more. Please make sure you check the calendar and your inbox for all the details.

Finally, I have appreciated how the community has been so willing to be part of the drop-off and pick-up situation. The volunteers are doing an outstanding job to help the student get into the vehicles safely and quickly. I would also like to acknowledge the patience shown by everyone each morning and afternoon.  By all working together, we have been able to make it work. 

God Bless

Matt Splatt

Secondary School

Week Three is already behind us and what a busy past two weeks it has been. Although it has been very busy the students have certainly been provided with lots of exciting opportunities and experiences.  Please read on and see what has been happening in the Secondary School.

Term Dates for 2022