Newsletter 26 July 2021

Principal’s Address

Dear Parents and Friends of Providence

It is so good to be back in the buzz of a school full of children again!  I do hope that you and your family have been blessed over the holiday period, wet and cold as it was.  (what a blessing to have so much rain soaking into our state this winter!)

Term 3 is full of activities and events, so please remember to consult the College Calendar regularly to stay on top of everything.

Primary School rebuild:  I’m sure you will have noticed the progress onsite over the holiday period.  The first months of construction seemed to be taken up with shifting piles of dirt from one spot to another (I’m sure that it was much more complex than that!), but now we can see the skeleton of our new buildings rising up across the site.  Exciting!  Please keep the project in your prayers.

Drop-offs and Pick-ups:  While we all share in the excitement of the developments on campus, we recognise that the price we pay comes during peak traffic congestion times.  I am afraid that despite our best efforts, the Gosnells City Council remains intransigent in allowing us to use the Lakey Street exit, which could ease congestion on Furley Road significantly.

This being the case, may I appeal to you, once again, when you visit the College to abide by the arrangements that we have put in place to ensure the safety of all?

Staffing update: After 14 years of dedicated service, David Field, our Finance Manager and one of the unsung heroes on our College Administrative Team, is leaving us as part of his plan to move towards retirement.  David’s professionalism, integrity and commitment have been pillars upon which we have relied for almost a decade-and-a-half of life in the College.  He has served with four Business Managers during his tenure, bringing consistency during times of change.  David will be deeply missed by Staff and Parents alike, and we acknowledge his contributions to the College during his tenure.

Following an in-depth search and rigorous interview process, I am pleased to announce that Karien Sharp will take up the reins of the Finance Manager position over the next month.  Karien, an ex-parent of the College, highly qualified chartered accountant and previous owner of a highly successful accounting business, is ideally positioned to build upon the great work that David has done to date.    We look forward to Karien’s contributions to the efficient running of the College’s finances in the future.

COVID reminder:  I think that we are all aware of the precarious position that many of our neighbouring states find themselves in as they try to manage outbreaks of the Delta-variant of the COVID virus.  

I have observed with some concern, the growing complacency among many here in WA – increasing numbers of people failing to sign-in on the SAFE WA app at stores and venues, failing to make use of the hand sanitisers available outside most venues and not wearing a mask when ill, etc.  

May I appeal to every person in our community to remain vigilant?  Our commitment here at the College is to maintain our strict cleaning schedules and high expectations of safe conduct by all, on campus.  If one of your children becomes ill, please do not send them to College.  Keep them home until it is safe for them to return.

Together we can keep our state safe.

Bill Innes

General News

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD)

It is a requirement from the Education Council to notify our College community that in early August of each year schools across Australia are required to take part in a national data collection on school students with a disability. This information is included in the annual census.

The NCCD counts the number of school students with disabilities and the level of reasonable educational adjustment they are provided with. The included students are those who have been identified by a school team as receiving an adjustment to address a disability under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (the DDA).

Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all students and their families is essential.  Personal details such as student names or other identifying information will not be provided to local or federal educational authorities.

If you have any questions about the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability please don’t hesitate to contact the College or you can access -fact sheet for parents, guardians and carers for further information.

4th Annual Alumni v College Basketball Game

College Conquerors v Alumni All Stars See our current students battle it out on the court against former students of the College.

Primary School

Hi All,

With great excitement, I returned from the school holidays to see the significant progress on our new building. (Photos below in our Primary Building Update) I know the staff were also excited to be back for Term 3. There are many events happening over the term, so make sure you check the calendar and your inboxes to stay informed.


God Bless

Matt Splatt

Secondary School

In a flash, the holidays are over. Welcome to the new semester and a particularly warm welcome to the two new students and their families in the Secondary  School. 

From the outset, it is set to be another very busy term with many important events on the College Calendar.  It is also an important term for the whole of the Secondary School, with the Year 12’s contemplating “where to next” with their Tertiary studies for next year and finalising their enrolment into the various courses at TAFE and University. They must be well versed with the entry requirements and the alternative pathway of entry for 2022. Many of the 11’s will also have the opportunity to consider being part of the College Student Leadership Team for 2022 and make applications for Prefect positions. Others are in serious training for the Inter-House and Inter-School Athletics carnivals.  From a curriculum point of view, we have the scheduled three-way interviews for Parent, Student and Teacher for the 10’s, 11’s, and 12’s, the Year 10’s, an opportunity of some Work Experience and  Subject and Course selections for both the Year 10 and Year 11’s with meetings for Parents and Students.  We then have HASS, English and Science weeks and a few subject incursions and excursions.  On the Student Development, Wellbeing and Community scene, we have the Motown Music Show, Drama productions and students involved in the Spring, Arts Festival and Open Day.  At the end of the term, we have the Annual Senior School River Cruise.  What an exciting term to look forward to, and I, along with the Secondary Staff, look forward to catching up with you at some of these events. 

Next Year’s Term Dates (2022)