Newsletter 27 April 2021

Principal’s Address

Dear Parents and Friends of Providence

This week the two hot topics would have to be the COVID lockdown and our revised traffic management arrangements.

The Lockdown:  On the subject of the lockdown, I give thanks every day that I live in Western Australia!  As we hear of the dire situation facing our friends in India, with over three-hundred-and-fifty-thousand new diagnoses every day and no oxygen to sustain those most in need, our small lockdown inconveniences pale into insignificance.  

This coming week will see some adjustments to our calendar and commitments, and further to our Premier’s request, parents should avoid visiting the campus unless absolutely necessary. We need to ensure that we comply with State lockdown requirements, but we are truly blessed that teaching and learning can proceed virtually uninterrupted!

Traffic Management Arrangements:  On the subject of our revised traffic management arrangements, our first day, last Tuesday, left me somewhat concerned for the future – but the following day, once most families had had a taste of the ‘new normal,’ left me reassured that, together, we can make this work.  Traffic flows seemed to smooth out somewhat on most days.

Having said that, a few challenges have raised their heads.  

Firstly, we are finding that vehicles wishing to exit from the Secondary School Exit and turn right are struggling to find a gap in the traffic, resulting in a backup of vehicles behind them.  My suggestion/request to parents wanting to turn right during peak times is to try turning left and then finding an alternative route through the side roads to get you heading back in the right direction.

Secondly, I am engaging with the Gosnells City Council, once again, to try to get permission to use our Lakey Street exit as this could alleviate much of the congestion on Furley Road during peak times.  Please pray for an acceptable outcome to our request.

Finally, we understand that the current arrangements are less than ideal but they are the best that we can manage under the circumstances, and so to the majority of participants, who are cooperating with grace and patience, our sincere appreciation!

Primary School Rebuild – Access and Safety:  On the plus side, we should soon see some action on the building site!  Final preparations are in progress.  

We, along with the contractors, are committed to ensuring that the personal safety of everyone on campus receives the highest priority at all times.

Therefore, a reminder that the fenced-off building site now falls under the jurisdiction of the building contractors.  As such, we no longer have access to the fenced-off area.  Anyone wishing to enter the site must obtain permission from the Site Manager first. 

Every blessing for the week ahead!

Bill Innes

General News

Did You Know?

Our Fees are inclusive….

“At Providence Christian College tuition fees are all-inclusive. Only camps and book lists/resource levies are additional to tuition fees.” 

Current 2021 fee schedule



Canteen Menu Term 2

On Thursday last week, our Middle School Boys team played a qualifying game for the Quarter Finals in the ACC Basketball Series 2021. The game was against last years winners of the Grand Final, Corpus Christie. The boys played well throughout the game but unfortunately lost to a very good side. After the game, the boys congratulated one another on a very good season. Well done boys!

Middle School Boys Basketball Team

The Middle School Girls play Guildford Grammer in their Quarter Final on Thursday this week. All the best, Girls!


This term, our Specialist Basketball Students had ‘Specialist Basketball’ embroidered on their Sport Shirt. This is to identify them as a member of the SBP, both honouring them and to remind them and others of the high expectations we have of them on and off the court. Here is a photo of our Year 9 Specialist Basketball students after completing their weekly Strength and Conditioning Class. This class is a part of their Leadership & Personal Development Course, which also includes Leadership Training, Mental & Physical Wellbeing in Life and Sport, and a Beginners Referee Course and Community Coaching course, and more. Next Year in 2022, SBP will be available for students in Years 7 to 10, with trials for those not already in the programme to be in September this year.

Primary School

Hi Parents,

Here we are in lockdown again, and on a long weekend end as well. On Thursday, we held our ANZAC service and spent some time remembering the sacrifice that  Australian and New Zealand soldiers made so that we could have the freedom we have today. I would like to thank Mrs Helen Balding (Head of Secondary) for organising an excellent service. It was great to see so many Primary School students in their uniforms be part of the official party. 

This term is a ten-week term, and we will hold many of our camps. Our Year 4 sleepover is a few weeks away, and the Year 5 Camp is later in the term. These are intentional opportunities created by the staff to impact the students outside of the normal class activities. They are an essential part of the Student Development Program.

Keep an eye out as our building starts soon.

This term promises to be very exciting, and we look forward to it with great excitement!

Secondary School

Welcome to Term Two at Providence and a very warm welcome to our five new students and their families.  We look forward to getting to know you as you settle into your new school here at Providence.

School has only been back for four days and already this time has been packed with special events and excursions. Please read on and see what has been happening in the Secondary School.

Term Dates 2022