Newsletter 29 March 2021

Principal’s Address

Dear Parents and Friends of Providence

It is hard to believe that we are in the final week of Term One! 

What should have been a normal ten-week term became a nine-week term due to an earlier Easter this year. And then, with the COVID-related lockdown in the first week of the term, it became an eight-week term!  

As a result, our teachers and students have had to compress ten weeks of learning into eight weeks of term time – an extraordinary achievement!


Parents of Primary students, you will be reviewing your children’s Interim Reports shortly.  These reports seek to provide a broad-brush review of how your child has settled into the new year. 

Arising from these reports, there will be opportunities for you to catch up with your children’s teachers early next term.  Please make use of these opportunities to support your child on their learning journey.

Building the Kingdom!

Last night at our monthly Board Meeting, at the invitation of Pastor Renier van der Klashorst, Senior Pastor of our very own Thornlie Church of Christ, we gathered to pray over our new Primary School building site.  It was a very special moment and gave me cause to reflect on the significance of this major project upon which we are embarking.


This is Kingdom-building business!  We are creating a facility that is going to serve not only our current families and students but generations of families and children to come! 

As you watch the build’s progress, may I encourage you to view it in this light  – a Kingdom-building project – and pray for it and support it at every opportunity.

Our New Primary School Building

Primary School Build – all systems go…

As is to be expected with projects of this scope, there have been the usual hiccups and delays, but I am excited to tell you that we should see the commencement of construction beginning during the Easter holidays.

This means that our new traffic control arrangements are very likely to be in place on Day One of Term Two.  

Please take some time to review the new traffic arrangements and my video of explanation before the start of the new term so that you can be aware of what to expect as you return to school.


These arrangements will be in place for the best part of two years. 

May I appeal, once again, for patience, consideration and cooperation when you visit the College?

I would value any feedback and suggestions that you may have as we adjust to this ‘new normal’ in the weeks and months to come.


God’s richest blessings

Bill Innes

General News

Dear Parents and Friends of Providence

Languages at Providence

Providence has always offered Bahasa Indonesian as a second language to our students from Year One to Year Ten.  

We believe that existing as we do on the Pacific Rim, developing capacity in one of the Asian languages is a significant advantage for our students and Bahasa Indonesian is one of the easier Asian languages to master.

We are considering extending our second language capacity at the College. To this end, I will be emailing you a brief survey seeking your opinion on: 

  1. Whether an additional language is a desirable option
  2. Which additional language you would prefer to see introduced to the curriculum.


The survey contains every language option offered by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. (SCSA) 

Based on the responses we receive, we will consider the possibility of providing an additional language option for our students.


In appreciation

Bill Innes

Specialist Basketball Programme

Our Specialist Basketball Programme has been going from strength to strength. Coach Dave Daniels and the whole coaching team are so proud of the students and their progress. We are especially pleased with our Year 9 Leadership and Personal Development Course that commenced this year and is an important part of our Specialist Basketball Programme.

Last year our inaugural Specialist Basketball Students were presented with a badge to recognise their participation in the Programme. Unfortunately, the badges proved difficult to keep on the shirts. Many lost the back clasp or the entire badge.

We want our SBP students to have recognition in the College, and so, to address this, from next term, all of our Specialist Basketball students will have ‘Specialist Basketball’ embroidered on the left sleeve of their sports shirts. The embroidering will be in the same colour as the house colour that is already a part of the shirt.

To facilitate this change, SBP students will need to bring their sports shirt(s) and hand them in next Wednesday, 31st March, by 4 pm. The shirts will need to be clean and have the students name on paper pinned to the shirt. The shirt then needs to be placed in a plastic bag with the students’ name on it. If the students have Sport or are required to be in Sports uniform, they can wear a plain coloured T-Shirt instead.

The sports shirts need to be handed in at Parents Services by 4 pm to be taken away for embroidering the following day.  If students have more than one shirt, they should bring both in for embroidering. There will be no cost for parents.

The shirts will be available for collection on Tuesday, 20 April, the first day of school in Term 2.

We’re looking forward to a great Term 2 for our SBP students.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Kind regards

Mike Kingsford

Specialist Basketball Coordinator

Primary School

Hi All,

We are into our last week before the end of Term 1. It has been a busy term, but a great one. We are looking forward to catching up with each of you this week at our Parent/Teacher interviews. This is an excellent opportunity to briefly share with you and see how your children are travelling so far this year. 

As we enter this Easter break, I pray that it will not only be a great family time, with lots of chocolate, but also a time for us to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus, our saviour. Because of His act on the cross some 2000 years ago, we can be in fellowship with God. May this be a time not only of solemn reflection but of celebration as death was defeated and our victory secured. God bless you and your family over this break.

Secondary School

Welcome to our final newsletter for Term One. Thank you to all families for your support of the many College happenings over the past nine weeks.  I wish you and your families a blessed celebration of Easter, and over the holiday break, may you all find some time to relax and enjoy time as a family. The past two weeks have seen a flurry of activities both in the classroom and in the extra-curricular activities.  I invite you to read on and join the excitement of what has been happening.


Soon to begin

Our New Primary School Building