School camps are a crucial part of developing the whole person at Providence Christian College. Camps offer an opportunity not always found through the day-to-day classroom activities. It provides the opportunity for the students to work with a number of different adults in a range of activities, that will nurture their educational experience, build-essential relationships, and result in greater engagement in the educational process. Camps allow the students to create lifelong memories and are a crucial aspect of developing the whole child during their time at Providence.

Camps allow for many of the personal and social capabilities to be achieved, in an environment, through activities that are specifically designed to challenge and extend students. Resilience and teamwork are the key ideas that are made explicit through the camps. Students participate in camp activities that include archery, fishing, orienteering, night games, historical walks just to mention a few. 

In Primary School the camp programme is progressive, allowing students to adjust to the idea of being away from home as they move through College. In Year 3 the students start with a single afternoon and evening and move through to Year 6 where the students travel to Canberra for a week.

Camps then continue into Secondary School. In the Middle School we have team building camps.

Year 7; Overnight team building at Manjedal Activity Centre. Year 8; 5-day camp at Albany’s Camp Quaranup. Our Year 9 students have a Personal Development Day. In Year 10 the students have a three-day Adventure Out Camp held at Wellington Dam in Collie and the Year 12’s enjoy a Leaver’s Retreat after the rigorous year.

We have found that the independence and resilience gained through these experiences help our students as they continue their journey through the College.

To discover more about our Camps and Personal Development contact our College on 9455 1607.