PIE is an extension programme which is run after-school and involves Project-Based learning activities for students who show a desire and ability to be extended in the subjects. They are selected according to their academic abilities in HASS, English, and IT. It is fully funded by the College. This year their project explored their chosen topic of either Water, Air, or Land where students focused on individual pursuits in research and the development of student’s own choices. It involved problem-solving and taking action, presentation, and public speaking. The cross-curricular nature of the programme spans not only HASS and English but also Science and Digital Technologies and the 16 Sustainability Goals that we try to embed throughout all learning. The themes for this year’s Extension class were Empathy and Perspective with a global focus integrated with technology.

Such competitions and project-based learning experiences afford your child the opportunity to extend themselves in a Cross-Curricular approach and offer valuable experience in their development as young people. At the end of the Extension programme, students will have opportunities to showcase their completed projects at the PIE Exhibition. In addition to these exciting experiences, students will be shown how to create TED-Ed talks and some will be selected to present during HASS Week which usually occurs in Term 3. This year some of the students participated in the Ethics Olympiad where student voice in action is at the forefront.