Newsletter 8 September 2020

Principal’s Address

Dear Parents and Friends of Providence


This week sees the College embarking on an exciting new venture – the development of a Student Code of Conduct. 

As with most schools, we have always existed with some form of  ‘Discipline Policy’ in place.  In our case, however, this policy has undergone a series of metamorphoses over the years so that what started as a Discipline Policy evolved into a Behaviour Management Policy and then evolved again into our current  Character Development Policy

It is obvious from the semantics in the three titles that, over the years, there has been an ongoing transition from the extrinsic controls of a Discipline Policy to the high expectations of intrinsic, self-management to be found in our Character Development Policy.

We are now taking the next exciting step in this transition process – engaging with our students from Kindergarten to Year 12 to provide them with an opportunity to shape the ‘rules-by-which-they-play-the-game-of-life-at-Providence.’  

It is our hope that, through engaging in this process, our students will take another step closer to truly owning their choices and actions.  Thus, they become responsible owners of their own behaviour.

Our Student Code of Conduct will, naturally, be influenced by the College’s Vision Statement, Core Values, Motto and rich heritage. It will be articulated in age-appropriate ways to ensure that every child, from our youngest children in the Early Years to our young adults in Year 12 can engage with it.

You may wish to ‘share’ in this journey by chatting to your children about their thoughts and ideas at home.

God bless

Bill Innes

General News

Parent Comments, Suggestions & Ideas

We value your comments, suggestions and ideas about Providence Christian College. Working in partnership as a community will help our College to continue to flourish and thrive. Here is a link to the form: Parent Comments, Suggestions & Ideas

Thank you for taking the time to support the College in our desire for continuous improvement. All submitted forms are kept confidential and reviewed weekly by our Leadership Team.

Study Café – Places Available

Study Café is held every Wednesday. Those intending to attend are asked to register their interest online. We have a quota of forty students who can participate. A light afternoon tea is provided for the students. The Study Cafe runs from 3.30 pm – 5.00 pm in the
Learning Hub and provides students with the opportunity to catch up on work, work on assignments and research
projects and seek help from the staff on supervision if need be. The Study Cafe is conducted in a quiet, study mode
environment and is offered to students from Year 7-12.

Primary School

Hi All,

Can you believe that there are only 3 weeks until the holidays? Term 3 is always very busy, but even more so when we are making up for lost time during the first two terms due to COVID. We have had many amazing educational and community events and I would like to thank the parent helpers, amazing teachers and our wonderful students for making these events great.

Secondary School

New pathways, New learning, New opportunities


Yes, it is that time of the year again where we open up a new world of possibilities for our students from Year 9 through to Year 11 as they begin to choose their subjects/courses for 2021 and create a programme to suit their individual needs.  It is very encouraging to hear the excitement amongst the students as to what subjects they would like to choose in 2021. We thank all parents and students who supported our current Year 10’s at our Subject Information Evening last night. A wonderful turnout.  It is so important that as we work together to ensure the best education for your child,  that you are informed of any changes in the Curriculum and the way we do things here at Providence.


Master Mind Australia

Master Mind Australia will be delivering Revision and Exam Preparation Programs in the October school holidays for Year 11 & 12 students.

An On-Line virtual classroom program will be held in the first week and a face to face physical classroom program at Hale School in the second week.