NEWSLETTER 18 May 2020

Principal’s Address

Our Specialist Basketball Programme

Last Thursday I had the privilege of presenting our Specialist Basketball Students with their new badges. The ‘Assembly’ was streamed via Google Meet to all of our Secondary classes.

We now have 22 students in the programme and our Head Coach, Dave Daniels, was excited to be a part of the presentation. 

The students have learned so much in such a short space of time. It’s not just their basketball skills but their training for a life of purpose that is making a real difference in each of their lives.

The exciting news for the day was that the Specialist Basketball Programme will recommence this Wednesday 20 May. Go Providence!


Other News

Return to Compulsory Schooling for all WA Students (from my email 15 May 2020)

Last week the Premier, Mark McGowan announced that “From next Monday, 18 May, Western Australian school students will be required to return to school in the public, Catholic and independent school sectors. Mr McGowan said there would be exceptions for students who were “medically vulnerable or those who have a family member with chronic health issues.”

We welcome this announcement as we now put in place full face to face teaching for all students (K-12). Our teachers and support staff have been preparing for this, and we’re ready to take this important step forward.

This means students are either:

  • at school;
  • have medical advice to learn from home, or
  • will be recorded as absent if they do not attend.

For parents with medical advice that their child should not attend school, we will work in partnership with you to support your child’s learning from home.  If you feel your child is in this category, please contact their classroom/form teacher via email as soon as possible.

If your child does not attend school without a medical reason, they will be marked as absent and will not be provided with a learning program. 


We’re thankful to have our students back at the College and we’re praying that all will go well as we continue to provide them with a high-quality education that brings honour and glory to God.


Kind regards


Mike Kingsford

Acting Principal

General News


Please note that the Canteen is now stocking the Pauls Zymil Lactose-Free Milk in the chocolate flavour and already added to the online menu for recess or lunch order.
Kind regards
Elizabeth Nel
Canteen Manager

From Southern Force Football Club

Dear SFFC Family,

We trust you had a good Easter break (as unique as the times we are in now!) and slowly adapting to our new normal.

Although we haven’t had the time to spread out our wings as a Club, God has been faithful as always. The good news is that here in WA we seems to be easing out of the current situation and Football West and WACFA have allowed for training to commence next week subject to strict guideline on numbers and social distancing to be followed.

So the plan is :

  1. U18 & U16 : We begin next TUESDAY (19 May 2020) and THURSDAY ( 21 May) from 5:30 -7.00 PM.  We will split this group up hopefully beginning June to weekly one training.
  2. U12 & U10 : in order to maintain social distancing and other regulations we can aim for a start on THURSDAY (28 May) . I will confirm this by email latest 24 May, 2020.

For me personally the last 2 months has been an eye-opener on life and the time we have left on earth. Priorities have changed from racing through the rat race to God, Family and community. I am sure it would have been a similar experience for many others as well. And as notified in the earlier emails – We also need to have a team manager for each team from within the parent group who will act as the communicator between the parents and the club so that the respective Coaches can concentrate on the playing side. It is not a time-consuming role and will only take about 15 minutes each week to complete.

The list of duties is as follows:

  • Handing over cash for referees
  • Signing of match cards
  • Roster for linesman, oranges, lollies etc.
  • Collection of shirts and handing out of bond at end of season
  • Compilation of awards

The success of any club is the involvement of its people and we appreciate all possible assistance.


James & the SFFC Committee

Isaiah 40:31: …..those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint

It has been fantastic to see and hear of so many positive things that have been happening for so many of our students’ during their Online Learning. As parents, grandparents, and other support, you have done so well travelling with them through this unusual time. 

Although we, in Western Australia, have been so well protected from the physical symptoms of the pandemic gripping the world, we have been affected by the restrictions leading to job loss and increasing, for so many, the anxiety of providing for our families.

There are families within our College community who are doing it very hard at the moment, some seen and many unseen. I know that it is the heart of this community to support one another in whatever way possible, to reach out to those who may be struggling.

I have been greatly saddened by the hurt that I have come across in so many homes, the need for basic supplies, and for support through various circumstances.

Please will you assist us in caring for our families through this needy time?  We are not just an educational institution, we are a vibrant community of families.

Packages of Hope

The Social Concerns Committee in Secondary School has launched a campaign throughout the whole College.

Click here to view a copy of their flyer.

You may send these gifts with your children to bring to their Form class and we will arrange to collect the items from there.

There are three ways you can assist.

  1. Keep your heart focused on the Lord and pray for one another. We have a tendency to hide the real picture of what is happening for us, so many hurt privately.

  2. Let me know of any family in need of assistance that you know of.

  3. Help us with the provision of non-perishable items to make up Packages of Hope

Are you OK?

Please contact me if you or your family are struggling in any way, whether it is for practical assistance or spiritual support. I am very aware of the anxiety that some of you are enduring. 

The Lord has clearly called us to support one another, there is no embarrassment and your circumstances will remain confidential. This is not limited to the effect of the CoronaVirus, no matter what your circumstance, we here at Providence Christian College care.

I have asked before for your prayers, can I ask again that you pause this Friday morning around 11 am and link arms, figuratively, for just a short time, to pray for our students, their families and for our staff here at the College.  Our staff have done and are doing an amazing job continuing the teaching process.

The Lord Bless you

Dave Yardley

College Chaplain

Galatians 5:14 For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’

Primary School

It is with great excitement that we will commence school “normally” as of this week. I am so very thankful for the way our community has pulled together to support one another. I watched as the children ran, skipped, and jumped there way through the school and onto the playgrounds. The joy of being back with all their friends was clearly evident. I know the staff truly enjoyed having the students back.

We as staff would also like to thank you for the many messages of encouragement we received. While we are still taking appropriate precautions, but it is nice to be able to have fewer restrictions in place. We look forward to the rest of this term and using what we have learned to help students engage in the curriculum more than ever before.

Student Leaders

Our Student leaders in Year 6 have started meeting again and will continue their leadership training. It was so good to meet with them and start to make a plan for the rest of the year. We will be looking out how we can include “Empathy” in our everyday lives. The House Captains and Prefects will be meeting at Parliament with Mr Terry Healy once the restrictions have further relaxed. This promises to be a great learning experience.

Year 6 Sydney/Canberra Trip

At this stage, we are planning as if this trip will go ahead. We are looking to modify the trip to only visit the ACT and not Sydney. At this stage, we are unsure of border closures, flight availability, and other arrangements that need to be made. It does not look promising for the trip, but we can hope and pray that the students will not miss out on such a valuable learning experience. As always our children’s safety comes first.


Matt Splatt

Head of Primary

Secondary School

Last week we formally resumed face-to-face teaching with our Year 10, 11 and 12 students. This week it will be wonderful to see all of the Secondary School students back on campus, their smiling, happy faces, engaging with one another, their teachers and their direct form of learning.  We hope that we are now slowly returning to the College life that we are more accustomed to and the gradual return of the practical components of subjects, our Module 0 and 8 subjects, Extension programmes and some modified Sports training.  As you are aware, we are following the guidelines of the National and State Governments and other facets of College life will return as and when we are given the direction to do so.  Over the past couple of weeks, we have tried to continue holding as many events scheduled on the calendar as we could be it virtually or in the classroom.  I invite you to read on and get a glimpse of what has been happening.

Back to normal class sizes in the Senior School and face-to-face teaching!

A Year Ten class all observing the physical distancing requirements in the classroom

Student Learning

Despite the current circumstances, a special assembly was held last week to recognize student achievement in the Middle School by presenting them with Merit Certificates and Student of The Month badges.  A Merit Certificate requires a student to achieve ten merits for a variety of good behaviours and academic achievement and the Student of the Month badge is awarded to the student in each year group, 7,8 and 9 with the most amount of merits for that month. 

The announcement of the recipients was made on Google Meet by our Year Coordinators, Mr Eicker, Mr Barnard and Middle Schooling Coordinator, Ms Lynam and Student of the Month, Mrs Balding and viewed by all of the students in their Form classes where the presentations were made by their Form Teachers.   


Congratulations to our Students of the Month

Year 7    Rico Erasmus  and Joanna Raji

Year 8    Indiana Tyrer  and Pearl Ekbote

Year 9    Cyrus Lie and Elizabeth Lockwood


Merit Certificate recipients

7H  Joyce Bandi, Tory Bryce, Welwyn Charis, Micah Chelliah, Elizabeth Mashua, Ben Mostert, Joanna Raji, Oliver Smoker, Jesse  Swart, Elisabeth Hellbusch.

7S  Ronnel Bangera, Rico Erasmus, Thea Hartono, Hope Konneh, Aliyah Lockwood, Hayley Maring, Esohe Osaghae, Johnklein  Reyes, Braedon Turner, Jayden Victor.

7P  S P Botha, Naomi Jensen, Kayla Lee, Desiree Lie, Dayal Mahendru, Sunny Wright.

8MA  Kadyn Arnold, Cameron Burlinson. 

8CHI  Pearl Ekbote,

8T Indiana Tyrer, Arjun Uresh Kumar, Issac Samuel.  

9M Cyruys Lie

9B Elizabeth Lockwood


Student Development

College Student Council

The Student Council meeting was held last week via Google Meet because of the Physical Distancing requirements.  The Senior School students met in the Learning Hub while the Middle School Students met in E2. The meeting in each area was led by Heads of the Student Council, Sanjana Marri and Brian Yeong with the Student Councillors presenting their Form reports via Google Meet.  The requests and questions from the reports are then addressed by Mrs Munyard, the Student Council Liaison and then distributed to appropriate personnel for further discussion and possible implementation of their requests.   

Extra-Curricular Activities

Crochet Club

Last term our Crochet Club began as a way of bringing back an old craft. It seems to have been originally invented as a way of creating a cheap substitute for lace. It was often still considered the inferior product but all that changed when Queen Victoria started buying crocheted lace from women in Ireland who were trying to earn money during the potato famine. Even Queen Victoria decided to learn to crochet and supposedly made eight crocheted scarves for veterans of the South African War. By the end of her reign, crochet had become a very popular craft throughout all of England.

This week the committed group met again and some students had completed some creations over the holidays. The girls have already made crocheted flower necklaces and are now working on making ‘granny’ squares to turn into a shoulder bag. 

Ms Madeline Lynam


Great excitement as students return to classes in the practical subjects


Jewellery and Design 9  Elective

Jewellery students surprise with their fine motor skills

The students were challenged to create tiny polymer clay figurines with as much detail and dimension they could possibly add.  This put their ability to work with small bits and pieces during the course to test.  The hamburger is not even 2cm high and the bowl of food merely the size of a 20c coin. The hunter’s bow and arrow were created to be separated from the rest of the figurine. 

Mrs Joey Steyn

Year Nine Jewellery students created Silver Clay pendants using Australian native plants as inspiration for their designs.

The Year 9 Jewellery group is now starting a new project.  They are cutting the blue satin fabric from a pattern. 

Inspired by the Victorian era and fashion sketches made by Textile artist Sandy Powell Students, Mary and Ophelia are taking up the challenge to create their own Victorian costume, working together as a pair.

Mrs Joey Steyn


Home Economics/Textiles  EA’s hard at work preparing extra projects for Year 7 students to sew during COVID time.

The Arts         

Year Eight Visual Art  Interest Subject

Our Year 8 Visual Arts students have just finished their first rotation of Interest Subjects.  Mrs Turner’s Year 8 classes finished the program with some colourful seaweed inspired sculptures.  We all enjoyed the process of creating the sculptures from wire and stockings, and blending paint to resemble underwater plant life.

Year Nine Visual Art Elective

It is wonderful to have the majority of our students back in the classroom!  Today, our Year 9 Art students were able to resume their original projects and continue glazing their animal ceramics sculptures.  We are all very excited to see how they will look after they are fired once more.

Mrs Wendy Turner

Year 11 ATAR  Visual Art

Our Year 11 ATAR Visual Arts students are finishing up their environmentally-focused paintings this week. Their theme was Eco-Clash, and they have been diligently painting over the holidays and during our remote learning. It’s been great having everyone back in class, giving each other feedback and encouragement with their work. These are the biggest canvasses that they have worked on so far, and they are doing really well. Can’t wait to share the finished products!

Mrs Sally Florisson 


Design and Technology

Year Seven Interest Subject  Woodwork

The students were very excited to get back and into commencing the practical component of their individual Desk Tidy project which they had designed while on the on-line learning programme.  Unfortunately, this was their last week of D&T in this round of Interest Subjects and their first taste of working with wood. It was pleasing to see how excited they were to complete making their own design by taking advantage of working during their lunch break and after school.

Mr Stan Balding

Year 10  Elective  Woodwork

It was certainly a return to a very busy workshop with all continuing from where they had left off prior to the online learning programme.  Electric drills, chiselling, sanding machines could all be heard as they worked hard to complete the next stage of their wooden step ladder.  

Mr Stan Balding

Our new badges arrive following a COVID19 postal delay

There was great excitement as the Prefects and the Year 12 students were the first to receive the new Providence badges.  They certainly look smart on their uniforms and all are wearing them with pride acknowledging they are the first Year 12’s under the new banner of Providence Christian College. 

It has been wonderful to see the way in which the whole College community has come together and responded to the challenges of such a pandemic and accepted new and effective ways of engaging with our teaching, the delivery of high-quality programmes and have provided the much needed positive support.   

I commend our Class of 2020, who in the face of disappointment in certain areas of their final year with some projects and initiatives having to be put on hold,  have rallied together to show resilience and be leaders and role models to the rest of the student body.  The wonderful Prefects have been working hard with their committees and Staff Liaisons to continue planning events and activities to ensure there continues to be some form of normality in College life, Monday morning devotion,  Wednesday Worship,  the planning for the Senior Ball and Student Council workshop, some fitness activities and some health and safety measures put into place. 

To our parents and families who are Health workers and have been working on the front line assisting in looking after those fighting the COVID virus, we say thank you for all that you are doing to keep all in our  College and the State safe.

We now look forward to the rest of this term and the following two terms as new opportunities unfold and the possibility of rescheduling previously planned events and activities takes place. 


Mrs Helen Balding

Head of Secondary