Newsletter 9 March 2020

Principal’s Address

Dear Parents and Friends of Providence

The start of 2020 has been so exciting as we have all engaged in the process of beginning to live and own our new name, Providence Christian College.

What, for me personally, has been most exciting, is the way in which our name change has become a catalyst for renewal within the College.  One such area of renewal has been a review of our Education Philosophy. 

Our Education Philosophy underpins the very foundations of Teaching and Learning at Providence – in the same way that our Core Values underpin Life within the College.

Congruent with everything that has happened so far during the course of our name change, the rich legacy of Thornlie Christian College continues to shine through in our refreshed Education Philosophy.

I commend to you, the Providence Christian College Education Philosophy :

Our Educational Philosophy

Learning For Life

We believe that learning in the context of an authentic Christian worldview brings a sense of wonder, engagement and purpose to the learning experience. It is the function of Christian education to encourage the search for truth in the context of God’s sovereignty and His created universe.

We believe that educational goals are best achieved by providing continuity from Kindergarten to Year 12, for students and their families, in an atmosphere where relationship and community are fostered and encouraged. This provides students with a positive environment, allowing them to have the security of being known and belonging, and having the opportunity to excel.

The example set by our teaching staff is fundamental to establishing and maintaining a caring environment. We take great care in the selection of our staff. Therefore, we employ Christian teachers whose lives reflect the Godly characteristics we seek to encourage and develop in our students.

We recognise the unique, individual nature of each child as a special creation of God and provide a range of educational experiences and training that allows them to discover their personal gifting. Our teachers assist in the development of these gifts, guiding students in their choice of subjects and preparing them to succeed in their life and calling.

Our education encourages our students to learn for life within the context of Godly values. These values form the foundation for life and are vitally important to the spiritual, emotional, social and academic development of young people. They are incorporated into our curriculum and reinforce what is taught at home and in the family church.

Our hope and prayer for every student is that they will make a commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and learn to walk in His ways. It is through a relationship with God that our students can find real meaning and a genuine sense of purpose in life.


Bill Innes

General News

Warning for Parents & Students

Dangerous online challenges are never funny

Kids are encouraged to trip an unsuspecting friend or classmate in a specific way that makes them slam against the ground. The potential for brain and spinal damage is high and there are already reports of serious injuries and possibly one death overseas.

This important information comes from the eSafetyblog. Please take the time to read it and discuss it with your child.


Kindy Siblings 2021

Do you have a sibling due to commence in Kindergarten in 2021?

If so our registrars need your completed application as a matter of urgency so you don’t miss out on a position.

Pam Stringer

Primary School

This week we welcomed 9 new leaders into our student leadership group. Every year 6 student is involved in a student leadership team. They serve the Primary school and it is really great training in servant leadership. As they are now the top of the pile (as in oldest in the Primary School) we love to help them to give back to the Primary School in some way. For each service team, there is a Monitor who leads the team. Below is a complete list of our 2020 Student Leaders. This Monday they will be attending National Young Leaders day with hundreds of other student leaders from across the state. It is the beginning of their leadership journey and we look forward to the growth we will see across the year as they continue this development through weekly meetings.

Joseph House Captains

Muna Chukwu-ike

Hunter Caparn


Judah House Captains

Caitlyn Devincentis

Dion D’sylva


Rueben House Captains

Akuel Dau 

Seth McGillivray


Levi House Captains

Isabella Shanhun

Sean Ng



Caryn Sushil

Kate Chan

Jakin Anthony

Loki Sein



Liam Skeggs

Michael Mcechesi

Aaron Roy

Lucas Stagno

Samuel Adeleye

Gabriel Ho

Sofia Fasolo

Kiara Valencia

Ethan Jenkyn


The assembly this week was run by the Student Leaders for 2020. Our House Captains and Prefects did an outstanding job leading it. We were also able to announce our newest leaders, the Monitors. The following students were recognised with a Merit Certificate at the very first assembly

Kaur, Tanvir PDM

Phillips, Tyla PDM

Mukokweza, Alinase PHI

Read, Addison PHI

Rauth, Ezra 01ID

Barnard, Liam 01ID

Paulus, Dillon 01JM

Chukwu-Ike, Obiora 01JM

Tan, Emily 02BB

Boucher, Kael 02BB

Caparn, Summer 02BB

Gunasekara, J oel 02VN

Kim, Irene 02VN

Hayward, Elijah 02VN

Mukokweza, Akhoza 03AC

Snyman, Chanele’ 03AC

Currie, Mayson 03ME

Stanley, Suzanne 03ME

Reid-Rowling, Madison 04DH

Lee, Eva 04DH

Kodituwakku, Ariana 04DH

Grant, Bethenny 04DH

Gatluak, Joel 04DH

Sexton, Sophie 04LT

Min Han Aye, Ethan 04LT

O’Connor, Alexis 05FH

Lim, Mikayla 05FH

Swotwa, Eustace 05LH

Coombs, Malakai 05LH

Steyger, Jacob 05LH

Ramirez, Enoch 06JW

Snyman, Sune 06JW

Gatluak, Jeremiah 06MM

Lin, Daniel 06MM

Willard, Chelsea 06MM

McGillivray, Seth 06MM

Price, Will 06MM


Swimming Carnival

Our Interhouse Swimming Carnival is this Friday. It will be held at Cockburn Arc and we look forward to seeing many of you there. As always we need your help to make sure the day runs smoothly. If you are going to be there, please make sure you email Mr Chris Bongers and let him know you are available. It should be a great day.

Swimming Lessons

Our Year 1 and 2 students are almost finished with their swimming lessons. Just a reminder to clearly label everything to minimise our lost property.


Mr Matt Splatt

Head of Primary

Secondary School

Who could believe that we are halfway through the first term for 2020.  All, I believe, have got into the rhythm of all of the happenings in the past fortnight and I am sure you will concur that life here at the College is a very busy one.

Let me share some of the things that  have been happening over the past two weeks or are on the calendar to happen shortly.


Online Literacy and Numeracy Testing  (OLNA)

The OLNA assessments were sat last week for the students who were listed to sit one or more of the testings.  The results will be out at the end of Term Two. The next testing will take place in September.

Visual Art  Year 11 and 12

On February 28, our Year 11 & 12 Visual Art General class was treated to an exciting life drawing experience! Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre visited with their beautiful (and shy!) Baudin Cockatoo, Rex, for us to observe and draw. Students are completing a unit of study inspired by the theme of Endangered Species, so it was great to learn about our beautiful endangered cockatoos here in WA. After observing the colours, textures and shapes of the cockatoo with some live charcoal sketches, students are now working on a more detailed cockatoo drawing from the photos they took. We look forward to sharing some of our finished pieces with you later!

Mrs Florisson  Teacher-In-Charge Visual Art

HASS Year Seven

Water Scarcity! Building wells! Researching Desalination plants! Project-based learning through Co Spaces in the Year  7 HASS classroom! Solving problems!

Ms  Lynam  Year 7 HASS Teacher and Middle Schooling Co-ordinator

Student  Development

Student Councillors  announced for 2020

Another important group to be welcomed into the College Student Leadership Team took place last week with the election of the Student Councillors.  It was very encouraging to see so many students nominating to be elected. Each presented a short speech to their Form class on why they would like to be elected and represent their Form on the Council. The following are to be congratulated on being elected as representatives and will join the Prefects, House and Vice House Captains, The Choir Leaders, Sound Representative and Music Captains on the Student Leadership Team. Students were presented with their badge of office at a combined assembly last week. A special thank you to the parents who came along to support their child and be included in the celebrations. 

Congratulations to the following Student Councillors for 2020

HEAD OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL     Sanjana Marri and Brian Yeong

 7H  Joanna Raji and Welwyn Charis            7P   Naomi Jensen and Kayla Regan  7S  Theo Hartono and Rico Erasmus

8MA  Renatah Ohlson  and Zidane D’Sylva  8C Liyakha Mpofu and Grace Pryce    8T  Isaac Samuel and Ewald Prinsloo

9D  Ella Sein and Brandon Didsman             9M  Yiran Ma and Michael Chigumbu  9P  Liyanda Mpofu and Owen Vivimai

10C  Kaylee Arnold and Alexander Nwelue  10 K  Saskia Booysen and Samantha Kingsford    

10N  Charmaine Kazomba and Domenic Rossi    10T   Lauryn Heath and Sarah Dau  

11E  Phoebe Lim and Elijah Ramirez    11GR  Joshua Meyer and Georgia Deegan  11MM  Nicole Kwidzai and Gael Brutus

12B  Myrel Fernandez and Cobain Lawrance      12G  Giorgia Grayson  and Kirk Deocampo

12J   Shruti Shorey and Mia van der Klashorst    12ST  Riechel Macabales and Dante Ramirez

                                                                 Staff Liaison –  Mrs Rae Munyard

Heads of the Student Council – Sanjana Marri and Brian Yeong


Creative Fashion and Textiles Department

Women over Waste

Staff members from our Textiles Department at Providence Christian College recently attended a  Fascination with Threads workshop at EMRC Ascott.  The purpose of the workshop was to make people more aware of the sustainability of textiles, the impact it has on the environment and what can be done to reduce the thousands of tons of textiles ending up in landfill each year. 

Anne and Fran from WOW, the Women over Waste group spoke about the fast fashion industry, countries of origin and how consumer habits can be changed to have a positive influence.  The fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world and textiles forms a huge part of each individuals’ life, right from the moment you are born and wrapped in a baby blanket. A reminder from the Waste Education Team that each of us can make a difference by being more aware when buying new garments.

Garments pinned to a globe to determine which countries produce the most garments.

Consumers should be aware of proper care instructions to ensure textiles items last longer.

Mrs Steyn  Teacher-in-Charge Home Economics Textiles

Traditionally observed on March 21, the Secondary School will be celebrating Harmony Week commencing Week 7, March 16. This is a great opportunity  to reinforce our Theme of Empathy and the Theme of Harmony Week – Everybody Belongs.

The following activities are  being organised by the Social Concerns and Environment  Committee

    1. Form time  – Discussions  will be encouraged to stimulate thoughts about what Harmony Week is all about.
    2. Classroom  Decoration Competition

A new initiative this year to get the students more engaged with the theme of Harmony Week is to have a classroom decoration competition reflecting harmonious relationships between cultures. The best decorated class will win a pizza lunch. The judging will occur on Thursday during Lunch and the results will be announced before the end of the school day and the pizza lunch will be provided on Monday March 23 2020.

  1. The Canteen will be providing special lunches from the Monday to the  Friday ( to be advertised)
  2. Free coffee/ tea for staff on Thursday Morning – March 19 2020  at the El Modo Cafe.
  3. Special Assembly of Thursday March 19 2020. Students are encouraged to dress in cultural attire or something Orange.  This is not a Free Dress day. If students are not in cultural dress or in orange, the normal College uniform is to be worn.
  4. Parents are very welcome to attend our Special Assembly on the Thursday.

Mrs David  Mr Soo and Mrs Greenaway  ( Staff Liaisons Social Concerns and Environment)

Katie and Jackson (Chairpersons)  


Student Wellbeing

Inter-House Swimming Carnival

Our 2020 Secondary School Inter-House Swimming Carnival was a great success with the Levi House taking the honours of the Champion House, four years in a row.  Well done, Levi Rams. 

All students are to be congratulated on putting in a fantastic effort to earn points for their House.   There was a lot of excitement and the atmosphere was great, with lots of team spirit. The Novelty events were over filled as it seemed the students could not get enough ploughing through the water (in all sorts of ways) on a body board to compete in  the relay for their House. 

The carnival ran very smoothly all due to the very careful planning and preparation by the Physical Education Staff, and on the day, the Staff and the House Captains all very proficiently looking after their allocated tasks. It was also great to see so many parents come along and support their child at the carnival and of course cheer them on and get very excited at the finish line.   

Congratulations to the  King and Queen of the pool,  Individual Age Champions and the Champion House, Levi. 


U/13 GIRLS Elisabeth Hellbusch Sunny Wright
U/13 BOYS Ben Mostert Jesse Swart
U/14 GIRLS Lillian Devincentis Chane’ Booysen
U/14 BOYS Andrew Hellbusch Harry Hondema
U/15 GIRLS Sarah Ng Viktoria Vranyak
U/15 BOYS Neil Becker James Prosser
U/16 GIRLS Kaylee Arnold Saskia Booysen
U/16 BOYS Jaykan Stephens Domenic Rossi
U/17 GIRLS Julia Messier Stephanie Devincentis
U/17 BOYS Michael Bowling Zander Mostert
U/19 GIRLS Sarah Skelton Misty Ross
U/19 BOYS Johann De Wet Luke Forrester


King of the Pool: Zander Mostert  – 29.34s

Queen of the Pool: Julia Messier  – 30.96s


Records Broken 


Age Event Name  Time Faction
U14 50m Backstroke Lillian Devincentis 38.52 Judah
U17 50m Freestyle Julia Messier 30.96 Levi
U17 50m Backstroke Stephanie Devincentis 37.65 Judah
U17 50m Backstroke Michael Bowling 35.87 Joseph
U17 100m Freestyle Julia Messier 1.09.84 Levi


House Places

1st Place: LEVI

2nd place: JOSEPH

3rd Place: JUDAH

4th place: REUBEN

                                                                                          Individual Champions Middle School

Individual Champions  Senior School

(Absent for photo Yr 12 Girl Champion Sarah Skelton)

Champion House Levi Rams House Captains Julia and Zander
Kings and Queen of the Pool Julia Messier and Zander Mostert

The ACC Interschool Swimming Carnival will be held next week on Friday March 20. Please download the ACC app to keep up with current scores and updates. We wish our squad all the best and please keep them all in your prayers as they train for the carnival and complete.    

Tutoring by Staff

As mentioned at the recent Parent Information evenings, the College staff offer to students in all subject areas extra assistance and tutoring. We encourage students  to avail themselves of the opportunities that our staff are offering to assist them with their studies and therefore attain the goals they are hoping to achieve in their respective subjects.  We thank the staff for making themselves available to assist the students and the generosity of their time. The tutoring timetable is accessible on SEQTA should you wish your child to be tutored.

Year Nine Personal Development Day

All parents of students in Year Nine will have received a letter via an email with details of the Personal Development Day to be held Wednesday March 18.  As mentioned in the letter the day is considered the same as a normal school day so students are expected to attend. Please read the information carefully so that your child is attired correctly and brings with them what has been requested.  The day will be held at Woodman Point and it is hoped that by the end of the day it has not only been an enjoyable time with lots of fun, but that the objectives have been achieved in the bonding of relationships both with staff and students through the many activities of teamwork and co-operation. 


Year Eight Camp  

Preparations are in full swing organising the Year 8 Camp.  A meeting of all of the Year Eight parents and students is to be held on Tuesday March 24 in the MPH. The meeting will commence at 6.00 pm and it is envisaged that it will be over within the hour.  The meeting is to provide parents with a little more information about the camp and explain some of the paperwork that is required in order for a child to attend the camp. All parents will have received a letter of invitation via an email. It is great to see the students getting excited about this exciting adventure. (staff are too!)


College Senior Ball

This will be held on Thursday April 23 (during the school holidays)  and an invitation has been sent to all students in Year 11 and 12 and a letter to parents explaining in a little more detail the College stance on such an event. 

There are several special events that are held for our Year 12’s throughout the year and the College Senior Ball is one of those that all students in Year 11 and 12 look forward to and from this exciting evening creates many memories.  Deposits for the Ball are now due and payment is to be made on-line. The Entertainment and Functions Committee under the guidance of Chairpersons Jill Dutt, Lynelle Taylor and Staff Liaison Mrs Balding are busy planning and organising what promises to be, a memorable night for all.   If you need further clarification on any aspect of the Ball please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Balding.


Helen Balding

Head of Secondary


Thornlie Swimming Club

Today I was privileged to attend your “House” Swimming Carnival and was impressed with the student participation and the staff organization. Although I was looking for talent potential to improve the depth of our team at Thornlie Swimming Club, I was excited by the keenness and efforts applied by all swimmers. 

As such, I cordially invite not only those I spoke to and felt had potential but any participant of today’s carnival who would like to improve; to attend any 2 free coaching sessions with the Thornlie Swimming Club at either of the following venues.


Mon or Wed 6.00pm – 7.30pm Cannington Leisureplex

Tue or Thurs 6.30pm – 8.20pm Gosnells Leisure World


If you then feel you would like to join our club, we welcome you and can guarantee improvement and satisfaction with your continued development and confidence.


George Brown (Head Coach)

Thornlie Swimming Club

Text: 0431095639 Email: